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Is Your Anger Killing You?


Did you know more than 550 people were shot in road rage incidents in the U.S. in 2022. That’s 550 people who were so angry that the only way they could deal with a situation was to shoot the person who triggered their rage. How much rage were they already holding to trigger that kind of response?

Anger is associated with the liver. When we are angry or resentful it actually stops our energy or Qi from flowing. Energy builds. It accumulates physically just below our diaphragm and directly underneath the breast.  If you palpate your 6th and 7th ribs right under your nipple and it feels tender to the touch, then you have liver qi stagnation. But if I asked you if you were angry or upset you would likely say, “No.”

A second indicator of anger is clenching and grinding our teeth. Hands up those of you who wear mouthguards. A lot of people clench down during their sleep – another sign of anger and unexpressed emotions.

Anger is a quiet killer – both for the victims of road rage but also for the person who is angry. Anger takes energy – a lot of it. It keeps us stuck in a place of non-acceptance. Wanting things to be different than what there were or are. It holds our emotions down like a head underwater.  You can’t create, love and know peace when you are holding grudges and resentment.

Energy that stagnates over time forms masses – physical lumps. We call it Qi and blood stasis in Chinese medicine.  It causes strokes, cancers and fibroids.   But the worse thing about anger is it changes who were really are as a person.  We don’t see things clearly, rationally or objectively.

If the liver is associated with anger imagine what happens when we drink? The liver converts the sugar from alcohol into more energy than the body can use. Now you have an angry person with a lot of energy – not a good combination.  It also causes inflammation or heat in the stomach which can cause gastritis.

Its’ OK to feel angry. It’s important to run your emotions but you don’t want to hang onto them or allow it to build in your body. It’s also super important to tune in to how you’re feeling. Check in – this is best done through meditation. Often, we are moving so quickly we really don’t know who we feel until we stop and get present.

Newton’s first law of motion teaches us that “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”

If you are angry, you will stay angry until you make a conscious decision to change, forgive, or see the situation from a different perspective. I once heard that a miracle is a change in perceptions. Changing our perception heals us. Sometimes we need help  – a good counsellor or a close friend to help us see situation or relationships differently.

Acupuncture and healing touch help ground people. It brings them into the present moment. It moves stuck energy and releases it from the organs and areas of the body where’s its stagnating causing disease. It also brings us to peace. When we are at peace, we respond to situations in a way that doesn’t hurt anybody.



Do Full Moons Make Anxiety Worse?

Did you know that your energy is at its peak during a full moon and at its lowest during a new moon?

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping the night before a full moon you’re not alone. People don’t realize their body’s energy is at its highest during a full moon.  This rise in energy can also heighten your emotional symptoms. For example, if you are a naturally anxious person, you may feel more anxious during a full moon.  If you’re upset or angry or feeling a lot of resentment these emotions will become more intense.

The intensity of our emotions shines a spotlight on areas of our life that need to be resolved or healed. If we are feeling angry or resentful, it signals a need to go deeper and explore those emotions.

The full moon is a time to forgive, release, let go and shed

As this is a powerful energetic time, the goal of the full moon is to release emotions that no longer serve you. If there is resentment it is a time to forgive, let go, shed.

During periods of heightened energy, you want to bring your energy down by doing grounding exercises, getting centred and staying focused.   Balancing your body’s energy is key to keeping your autonomic nervous system regulated. The more dysregulated you feel, the more anxious you become.

There are things you want to avoid during this time:

  • Alcohol – it adds more energy and this energy flares up and affects the heart and mind making it even more difficult to sleep and adding heat to your body.
  • Sugar in all its forms – again it adds more energy to the body and can heighten anxiety
  • Caffeine – while it’s a great wake-up stimulant it can be too stimulating causing heightened anxiety
  • Scary movies especially before bedtime or thrillers – anything that is going to increase your adrenalin.

How to Bring Your Energy Down During a Full Moon

  1. Acupuncture there are specific acupuncture points that bring energy down and help move and regulate energy. LU1, Yin Tang, Budda’s Triangle and KD1
  2. Yoga – long deep slow exhales – immediately reset the vagus nerve.
  3. Essential Oils – Lavender, Rose, Vetiver, Cedarwood and Sandalwood all have healing calming properties. My favourite go to is a hot lavender bath when I am out of sorts
  4. Journaling – always helps me to make connections and see situations I am struggling with.
  5. Meditation
  6. Exercise –helps run excess energy this is especially important if you’re an anxious person. Walking in the woods for 45 minutes also resets the vagus nerve.
  7. Massage, Healing Touch, Reiki – all help ground and soothe your nervous system.

Hypothyroidism Is What Happens When We Don’t Speak Our Truth


“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Albert Einstein

Imagine swallowing all your anger, resentment or fear.  These feelings are forms of energy. And the thing about energy as Einstein so brilliantly wrote – “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” What are emotions – they are pure energy. They have no shape, but man do they pack a charge. They govern the way we think, the way we act and ultimately who we are as a person.

You can feel a person’s energy especially when they’re angry – it’s literally written all over their face with red marker.

Now imagine as a young child you had emotions: anger, frustration or fear and no one listened to them. Or worse, made fun of them. When we are not heard as young children we learn to stop speaking. We swallow our emotions believing that they are not important and in the process we don’t learn how to communicate, how to express ourselves and our needs. We are conditioned to not trust that when we speak up our voice and our needs will be met.

What Happens to US Emotionally Also Happens to Us Physically

Not speaking our emotions effects our mental and our physical state. You cannot separate the two.I see this all the time in clinic. When I am working on a patient’s body if they are not speaking their truth or feel they are not being heard, I will feel energy stagnating in their throat.  It is a heavy dense feeling. And when I ask them about it, they will admit to not speaking their truth.

This week I was treating a young woman who comes in regularly for acupuncture. My treatment protocol is this:

  1. We chat about how things are going and what the patient is feeling in their body. Their life circumstances are important during the intake because the effects of these get manifested in their body.
  2. I then insert needles in areas of the body where they are feeling pain or discomfort – there are speficic points to relieve stress (4 gates) or fear Ren 17, PC6, HT5, Ht7
  3. Next, I perform healing touch – while the needles do a great job of moving energy, when you add healing touch to it – you can actually feel where they are storing excess energy. Using the hands with the needles creates a much stronger clearing and regulating effect.
  4. I then pull out my crystals and do more energy healing – now this is a new addition to my practice. I must confess – this is an area where I have very little experience or knowledge but the impact on patients has been profound! I can’t explain but it works.

With this particular patient, when I was clearing her energy my hands were immediately drawn to her throat – the energy was dense and heavy and a lot of it. As I worked at clearing it, I asked her about it. “Did she have trouble speaking her truth? Did she have trouble asking for help?” She answered yes to both questions.  She also said that she has had issues with her thyroid in the past. There is no co-incidence between hypothyroid and not speaking our truth. When we get sick it is our body’s way of signalling us that something is wrong, we are out of balance. Where the thoughts go, our energy follows. When our energy gets stuck or stagnates it causes illness and diseases.

Thyroid Cancer  In Chinese Medicine the evolution of cancer looks like this – first there is Qi and if your QI is flowing smoothly the body is in balance. Now imagine you’re angry – and you don’t speak up or you’re not honest – you literally swallow it down – now the Qi starts to stagnate and in time phlegm will stick to it forming a knot or a ball. Then blood will stick to it and before long you have heat and inflammation at this point the cells are now attacking each other trying to break down that which has formed and continues to form because the anger is feeding the knot or lump causing it to grow.

The greatest irony in not speaking our truth or standing up for ourselves is we perpetuate the feeling of victimization.   We are the cause of our own suffering and disease.



From Victim to Free Agent – How to Break Free From Our Trauma

Everything Is Comprised of Energy

Everything is comprised of energy. We measure our body’s energy in beats per minute, our food in calories and our emotional energy comes from our mood – happy, sad, anxious, depressed or indifferent.


Our Thoughts Drive our Emotions

There are many things that can affect our energy, but the biggest influencer is us! Our thoughts, how we process and see the world.  And one of the biggest shapers of our belief system is our family, how we were raised and what we were taught. And a lot of what we were learned was never written down or clearly articulated it was done through osmosis. We watched our parents’ responses to the world and we internalized them. They happened so subtlety and are reinforced over time that we never thought to question or challenge them.

Anxiety leads to Insomnia

Anxiety is one of the most common complaints I treat in clinic. It’s not that people come to me specifically for anxiety, rather it is an underlying issue often leading to insomnia usually caused by spiking cortisol levels between 3 – 4 am. If someone is waking up in the night, it’s usually at 4 am!

Children Absorb Their Parent’s Anxiety

Anxiety can be a by-product of trauma. It’s not uncommon for patients to not have experienced any trauma. They were raised in great homes with lots of love, safety and nurturing– in short-the essential components to a healthy childhood.

What’s interesting though is when I ask about their parent’s state – “Are your mom or dad anxious?” The answer always comes back yes. Often with a vigorous yes. And then I will go further, “What are your grandparents like – was your grandmother anxious?” Again the answer is often “Yes!”


The question I often grapple with is this – Can trauma be passed down genetically from one generation to the next or is it passed down behaviourally?

The one thing I do know to be true is this, we unconsciously internalize our parents’ responses to life. Their filter becomes our filter. And nowhere was this more event when I realized my most distressing responses were rooted in “Victimization.”

Victimization for me came in two forms – the first was my mother’s response to people and situations – she always felt trapped, and she always blamed other people for her situation. The second was growing up in violent home.


“Childhood trauma is a common predecessor to a victim mentality. When our needs are not met as vulnerable children, or we experience early trauma, we believe that we are unable to change or “set” the trajectory of our lives. Learned helplessness can superficially appear less painful than attempting to understand and regulate emotions, fear and disappointments. Trauma can cause us to believe that people will never understand them and trusting others will only lead to more suffering and disappointment.” (Excerpt from www.choosingtherapy.com)

Some of the consequences of having a victim personality can also lead to:

  • Trust Issues – difficulty maintaining friendships and relationships
  • Feeling Resentment
  • Internalizing Situation making it all about Us – “how could they do that to me?”
  • Feeling shame, guilt, or unworthiness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety – will my needs be met, can I trust this person, will I be disappointed by them

The biggest challenge to victimization is not taking ownership or control of your life. The opposite of Victimization is Agency. Agency is the feeling of being in charge of your life: knowing where you stand, knowing you have a say in what happens to you, and knowing that you have the ability to shape your circumstances.

In order to have Agency we must first know what we are feeling in order to know why we are feeling that way. In order to do that we must be aware of our gut feeling – not our brain but our gut. We use our gut to accurately gauge  what’s going on around us. From the gut comes our true feelings. If you can tap into your gut feelings to give you accurate information than you will start to feel in charge of your body, your feelings and your self -in short – Agency.

Victim is a learned helplessness.  Agency is a learned way of owning your life.

As Einstein so famously quoted –Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only change from one form to another – Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.


Why Micro Needling Is So Important to Your Skin’s Health






Before and After Micro Needling 

This is the time of year when we peer closing into our bathroom mirror and notice all our imperfections. Maybe you see large pores or some acne scaring, maybe its the tiny little wrinkles framing your eyes or may its just simply a very pale complexion staring back at you.

The next challenge is what to do about it….. there are soo many skin options out there. Botox around the eyes? Laser? PRP?

But what if you just want a safe natural option – something that doesn’t require a lot of money and expensive maintenance? Let’s face it – skin care can cost  $1,000’s of dollars a month.

Micro needling is a safe relatively inexpensive option as you only do it once a month. Why do we love it? Because for $260 a month it covers alot of ground – or in this case face.

1. It stimulates blood flow and collagen – that means those fine lines and wrinkles around your eye get filled in. It also fades age spots and reduces large pores. Got Acne scaring it will stimulate blood flow and collagen to heal those areas.

2. Thinning eye brows – its generates hair grown! You can also use it on your scalp to stimulate hair growth!

It packs a punch! And at once a month it’s a pretty low commitment in terms of money and time.