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Cold and Flu Prevention

Oct 19, 2016

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It’s Fall and, with the lack of sunshine and warm weather, people generally feel more tired and rundown. In Chinese Medicine, we believe that there are two factors involved in illnesses: the strength of the pathogen (that’s the virus or bacteria), and the strength of your own “wei qi” or immune system. We’re exposed to germs all the time, but we don’t always get sick. Why? Because when we’re strong and balanced, our immune system can fight off these germs. When we’re sick, in pain, not sleeping or not eating well, it makes it much harder for our immune system to do its job.

Here are four things you can do to avoid getting sick this cold and flu season:

  1. Don’t pick your nose—why??? Because germs enter your body three ways: your mouth, eyes, and nose. Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer often—also wipe down common door handles or high traffic areas like the lunch area or faucets at the end of the day with disinfecting wipes.
  2. Cover your mouth with the crux of your elbow when you sneeze; using your hands could spread your germs.
  3. Switch to warm beverages—our tummy loves warm drinks. To stay healthy try fresh ginger and lemon in your tea.
    If you feel yourself getting sick make a tea with fresh ginger, the whites of green onion, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and try to sweat it out. If your throat starts to feel sore—drink peppermint tea try to add fresh mint or put a dab of essential mint oil directly under your nose—little dabs. It will help clear your sinuses.
  4. Regular acupuncture can help keep your body balanced and strong. In Chinese Medicine, Prevention is the best medicine! If you start to feel sniffly, massage this point, Lung-7, on each wrist for 1 minute, 3x a day!


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