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Why Feeling Safe Is So Important to Your Health

  Why Feeling Safe Is So Important to Your Health Imagine living in a state of constant anxiety. The crippling kind that wraps around you so tight you are unable to sleep at night.  Your digestion is shot, and you find it difficult to concentrate and remember things. Now imagine you felt like this most […]

How Does Acupuncture Help Heal Trauma?

I never intended to treat trauma when I started practising acupuncture. In fact, this was not one of the over 300 illness we studied at TCM school. And yet here I am now into my 7th year, and it’s become one of my practice specialities. The Longer the Trauma Lasts, The Greater the Impact on […]

Coping with Emotional Wounds

When it comes to dealing with stress three seems to be the magic number.  If two bad things happen in a row people can handle it but if that number suddenly becomes three, then the body shuts down; we become emotional and have difficulty regulating ourselves. In children I describe this as being “over the […]

The Most Yin Fall Winter & Spring EVER!!!!

What happens when you take the rainiest fall on record, combine it with record snowfall and add a very rainy spring?  You have too much yin and not enough yang.  How do you know?  If you’re experiencing the following: Tired Depressed, feeling dark and negative Foggy Mind Prefer to stay indoors Quiet Cold body, limbs […]