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Is acupuncture covered by my benefits plan?

Yes, depending on your coverage each treatment can be covered for up to $100 per treatment including cosmetic acupuncture.

Is it safe?

Yes, the needles used are all sterilized, single use needles. We are regulated by the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and are trained to the highest standards on efficacy and safety.

Does it hurt?

The needles used are 1/3 the size of the needles used to give shots or draw blood. You may experience a slight prick, but the pain quickly diminishes or you may feel nothing at all. Most patients find the treatment very relaxing and often fall asleep once the needles are in place.

Can I resume normal activity after a treatment?

If you are being treated for neck, shoulder, arm, back or leg pain, you are advised to avoid a heavy or intense workout immediately following treatment. Many patients feel relaxed following treatment and often prefer to rest for the remainder of the day.

What is cosmetic acupuncture?

Cosmetic acupuncture is a specialized form of acupuncture using micro-needles to stimulate collagen production in the face. It repairs fine lines and wrinkles, improves acne scarring and diminishes large pores. Facial acupuncture improves the skin’s appearance and texture by increasing microcirculation.


Everything You Wanted To Know About Microneedling….

What is Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy? Microneedling involves using a medical device shaped like a pen that contains 12 very fine needles at the tip. These needles penetrate the epidermis layer of the skin creating a wound effect that stimulates the...

Why Dermarolling is so Great for Your Skin

Why We LOVE Dermarolling and What It Actually Does Ok – what is dermarolling? It essentially causes micro tears to the epidermis layer of the skin. In short, you are running 540 tiny needles across your face causing all kinds of trauma to the skin. Why is this a good...

7 Steps To Help Seasonal Affective Disorder

7 Steps to Help Seasonal Affective Disorder Fall is the time of years when people’s energy takes a hit. After having had the sun’s natural source energy, many people report feeling more tired, down and lethargic.  Seasonal Affective Disorder is a big problem here in...

Most Effective Treatments for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Out of the areas of the body I treat – neck and shoulder pain is the most common complaint. The base of the skull where the occiput meets the trapezius muscle,  the top of the shoulder or in between the shoulder blades these three areas are generally the tightest and...

What Do Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) and Acupuncture Have in Common

Acupuncture, like Shinrin-Yoku, helps regulate the body. It provides a path for excess energy stored in the form of emotions to leave our body. Helping us to feel calm, regulated and grounded.


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