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About Me

I came to acupuncture due to my interest and experience as a healing touch practitioner. I am able to feel a person’s energy or Qi with my hands.

Where there is blockage, there is pain. Acupuncture helps release this pain and bring the body back into harmony.


 Trauma, stress, anger, and resentment trap and knot a person’s energy. These can show up as headaches, neck and shoulder tension, TMJ pain, IBS and painful periods, insomnia, or anxiety and depression.

I love what I do and especially enjoy working with patients on all levels to create individual treatment plans that include lifestyle and nutritional recommendations to other supporting practitioners.

My goal is to bring patients back into balance.




Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vancouver

Internship at Tzu Chi Hospital, Taiwan

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TCM cupping technique by Julie Nelson TCM Vancouver BC

Where there is pain there is blocked energy. This blockage can be the result of a physical injury or blocked emotions like anger, disappointment or grief. When these emotions exist in a person’s body over a long period of time they will stagnate and start to cause serious health issues. People will feel drained and unable to cope with life. Everything I do as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine is done with the sole purpose of restoring a person back to their natural balance. My goal is to move from coping to thriving.

Julie Nelson R.Ac.

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine


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