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Your body is wiser than you know

Acupuncture is a safe and effective healing approach that treats the whole being, restoring your natural energy so you get back to the life you want. As you bask in the feeling of being taken care of, notice how your body relaxes, your mind quiets, and your spirit feels uplifted.


What to Expect

By acknowledging that every body is different, Dr. Julie takes into account her patient’s current physical condition, mental state, emotional well-being, and overall health objectives when designing a unique treatment plan. This personalized approach allows for a more precise and targeted intervention that addresses the root causes of imbalances and supports the body’s innate healing abilities.

In addition to traditional acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies may be prescribed, and other modalities such as cupping, gua sha, and acupressure may be incorporated into acupuncture treatments to enhance the therapeutic effects and offer a comprehensive approach to healing.

If You’re Looking For

relief from Pain and Discomfort

Acupuncture is highly effective at relieving acute and chronic pain, and regulating sleep and mood.

A Holistic Alternative to Prescription Drugs

Chinese Medicine often uses natural remedies such as herbs, acupuncture, cupping dietary therapy and qigong exercises as an alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals or as a complementary therapy.

A Supportive Health Care Partner

Dr. Julie is your ally in reaching your wellness goals. She is a dedicated listener, nurturer, and health expert who works cooperatively with your health care team.


Conditions Treated

Your personalized treatment plan uses traditional acupuncture and may incorporate other modalities such as cupping and electrical stimulation to enhance therapeutic effects. This comprehensive approach to healing can greatly ease symptoms, restore balance and promote the body’s innate healing functions. Here is a partial list of conditions that acupuncture and adjunct therapies can address.

our process

Health History (20 min)

Dr. Julie will obtain your medical history, discuss your presenting complaint, and perform a physical assessment including body, tongue and pulse diagnosis. You can raise any question you may have before treatment.

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Before treatment, Dr. Julie will outline your treatment and proposed needle placement. Depending on what’s needed, you may begin your treatment face down or face up.

Treatment (30 min)

Prior to needling, Dr. Julie may do gua sha or moving cupping to help release the fascia layer to increase the efficacy. The needles are inserted and left in for 20 minutes. In some cases, Dr. Julie may apply electrical stimulation to the needles.

Post Treatment (5 min)

Dr. Julie will remove the needles and discuss how you’re feeling and what you noticed during your treatment. She will then talk about next steps and answer any questions you may have. Patients are encouraged to enjoy a cup of herbal tea or lemon water before they transition back to the “real world.” 

"10 out of 10 stars"

@julienelsontcm instantly makes my day, my health, and just my life (!!!)  feel easier to manage. Not to mention her healing touch, Chinese herbs and acupuncture that have gotten me through some trying times. So grateful for all our years “together.”

NIcholas Cole

Specialized Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture treatments are customized to target your specific issues. Dr. Julie creates individualized treatments which may include cupping, gua sha, red light therapy and herbal formulas to provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

It is advised to book a series of at least three appointments one week apart to support continuity of care. A more specific treatment plan will be made after your first appointment. 

Cancellation Policy: please note that the FULL appointment fee will be charged for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice as well as any missed appointments.

Acupuncture for Back & Lumbar Pain

Heavy lifting, repetitive strain like running or sitting for long periods at a time can all lead to tight back and hip pain. Age and osteoarthritis are two other contributing factors. Joints wear out and bone spurs or calcification on the spine can also occur.


Acupuncture for Migraines & Headaches

Migraines are often caused by tight muscles leading into the occiput impeding blood flow to the brain. Acupuncture releases these tight muscles enabling blood to flow more freely.


Acupuncture for Shoulder Pain

Musculoskeletal pain in the neck and shoulder can be released using gua sha, needles, cupping and electrical stimulation. Intramuscular stimulation (IMS) works by inserting a needle into the motor point of the affected muscle. Stimulating the motor point releases the knot and the pain subsides. It’s kind of like popping a balloon.


Gut Pain, IBS, Colitis Crohn’s Disease & Digestive Issues

Gut pain is often caused by undiagnosed trauma, prolonged anxiety and stress. We store our emotions in our gut, weakening our digestive Qi. If the trauma or situation is left untreated, we will develop food sensitivities, bloating and alternating diarrhea and constipation. These symptoms are often worse later in the day because the body is more tired and unable to digest food. Understanding the energetic properties of food, what to eat, when to eat and how to eat it can help cure the gut. Chinese Medicine Formulas and healing touch are also very effective.



How does acupuncture relieve pain?

Acupuncture works by  inserting fine needles into specific muscle fibers and nerve pathways that may be contributing to chronic pain or dysfunction. The needle stimulates the muscle, causing it to contract and then relax, which can help release tension and improve circulation in the area.  Releasing  tension in the muscles and improving nerve function,  reduces pain, improves range of motion, and promotes healing in the affected area.

How many acupuncture treatments do I need?

For any type of musculoskeletal pain it’s best to book in 1−2 treatments per week for 3 weeks then evaluate. You can always cancel up to 24 hours in advance if you no longer require your appointment.

Acupuncture for Tight Jaw (TMJ) Muscles

People who wear a mouthguard invariably suffer from tight TMJ muscles caused from grinding or clenching the jaw. The mouthguard protects the gums, but it doesn’t stop the clenching and grinding motions. The result is tender painful jaw areas often leading to temporal headaches and neck pain.

While some western practitioners are advocating for BOTOX, I recommend you try acupuncture and facial cupping first. Why freeze an area only to have the pain return when you can relieve it all together?



Acupuncture can be a beneficial treatment option for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, a condition that affects the jaw joint and surrounding muscles, causing discomfort, pain, and limited movement in the jaw.


Patients who clench or grind their teeth will often report pain, tenderness or headaches that radiate to the temporal region of their face. Cupping and needling this area will relieve their headaches, pain and jaw tension.


Acupuncture can help relax the muscles in the jaw and face, which can alleviate tension and reduce muscle spasms that contribute to TMJ pain. It can also improve blood flow to the muscles and tissues around the jaw joint, which can aid in the healing process and reduce inflammation.

Treatment Pricing


Appointments may be booked online and are 60 minutes in duration. New patients should book an initial consultation appointment. Please note that the FULL appointment fee will be charged for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice as well as any missed appointments.

Initial Consult

This treatment includes a detailed health intake, acupuncture and, if applicable, Chinese herbs. It may also include gua sha, cupping and energy rebalancing.

I advise booking a series of at least three appointments one week apart to support continuity of care (i.e. three appointments in three weeks). 

A more specific treatment plan will be made after your first appointment.

Follow Up

This is for patients who have already had an initial appointment with Dr. Julie Nelson.


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When you feel good, you want to share it. Refer a friend and you both get $25 off your next treatment.



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