Free Dermaroller with Facial Acupuncture

Xin Yi San

This is the time of year when Vancouver is at her finest! Cherrie trees, crab apple trees, newly cut grass and alder blooming create the perfect storm for allergy sufferers. For them, It’s the start of itchy eyes, sinus congestion, difficulty breathing, headaches and feeling run down. Waking up with red crusty eyes is no fun. Non-stop sneezing not so great either.  If you don’t want to keep popping Reactin or Claratin then you might want to consider Chinese Herbal formulas, specifically Xin Yi San – Magnolia Flower Powder.

Yes, it’s made from magnolia tree casings – those little gray sleeves that appear right before the magnolia blossoms along with other herbs. In Chinese Medicine its used to strengthen your lung’s Qi – which if you are run down or have a compromised Immune system you are more likely to be adversely affected by allergies.

This formula’s function (in TCM speak) is to open the sinus channel, circulate Qi and relieve headaches – in other words it’s like liquid Draino for your sinuses!

It also works really well for people who have chronic sinusitis and common colds.

So what exactly is in it?

In short – roots and plants – all natural. I prescribe this formula in granules so patients only have to add a couple of teaspoons to a ½ cup of hot water.

I also recommend acupuncture combined with this formula to support your body’s immune system. Points are done to strengthen lung qi, open up the sinuses and expel wind damp cold.

Moving cupping on the back also expels external pathogens from entering the body and when combined with a warm table and heat lamp – it feels really really good!

So if you are feeling ratty from allergies or you want a natural alternative relief from hayfever book in for a treatment and some herbs.