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Did you know that your energy is at its peak during a full moon and at its lowest during a new moon?

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping the night before a full moon you’re not alone. People don’t realize their body’s energy is at its highest during a full moon.  This rise in energy can also heighten your emotional symptoms. For example, if you are a naturally anxious person, you may feel more anxious during a full moon.  If you’re upset or angry or feeling a lot of resentment these emotions will become more intense.

The intensity of our emotions shines a spotlight on areas of our life that need to be resolved or healed. If we are feeling angry or resentful, it signals a need to go deeper and explore those emotions.

The full moon is a time to forgive, release, let go and shed

As this is a powerful energetic time, the goal of the full moon is to release emotions that no longer serve you. If there is resentment it is a time to forgive, let go, shed.

During periods of heightened energy, you want to bring your energy down by doing grounding exercises, getting centred and staying focused.   Balancing your body’s energy is key to keeping your autonomic nervous system regulated. The more dysregulated you feel, the more anxious you become.

There are things you want to avoid during this time:

How to Bring Your Energy Down During a Full Moon

  1. Acupuncture there are specific acupuncture points that bring energy down and help move and regulate energy. LU1, Yin Tang, Budda’s Triangle and KD1
  2. Yoga – long deep slow exhales – immediately reset the vagus nerve.
  3. Essential Oils – Lavender, Rose, Vetiver, Cedarwood and Sandalwood all have healing calming properties. My favourite go to is a hot lavender bath when I am out of sorts
  4. Journaling – always helps me to make connections and see situations I am struggling with.
  5. Meditation
  6. Exercise –helps run excess energy this is especially important if you’re an anxious person. Walking in the woods for 45 minutes also resets the vagus nerve.
  7. Massage, Healing Touch, Reiki – all help ground and soothe your nervous system.