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I have only one New Year’s Resolution and it may be the hardest challenge I have ever issued myself, but I know if I do it I will transform myself and those around me.


If I can consciously set this intention  Think Be Act Positive everyday, I know I will change the entire trajectory of my life.  I am in the midst of some major life changes.  The kind that involves lawyers, real estate agents, tax accountants and separation agreements.  I also know that what I focus on gets a whole lot bigger.

If I let that first negative thought in – that is where I will spend the rest of my day  – parked in a negative loop of resentment.  Every word spoken will travel through that dark ugly tunnel of negativity. It reminds me of the Cherokee legend of the old grandfather talking to his grandson about the two wolves that live inside him – the dark negative one and the light positive one.  The grandfather explains the wolf that wins is the one that’s fed. I cannot stop nor do I want to stop the changes that lie ahead of me – this is my life.  It’s part of my healing journey.  The real challenge is how do I want to go through this transition – dark, angry and upset or calm, positive and optimistic?  It seems obvious doesn’t it?

So this morning, despite waking up to Fynn’s dog vomit all over my bedroom floow, and my first patient a no-show, it’s OK.  I am committed to staying positive.