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Turkey Congee Recipe

  1. 1 cup uncooked polished white rice
  2. Turkey bones – preferably drumsticks, carcass – scape the bottom of roasting pan and add the turkey drippings or gravy too
  3. 3 large slivers of raw ginger
  4. 8 cups water – add as congee thickens
  5. Salt & Pepper to taste

Steps to Prepare: wash rice, drain and pour into large stockpot, add turkey bones, fresh ginger and water. Cover and simmer stirring often as rice will stick to bottom of pot.  Season to taste with salt and pepper. Can top with freshly chopped green onions or peanuts. Takes about one hour to make start to finish. Congee will thicken as it cools – just add more water when you re-heat it.