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Spring Into Health

If you’ve been experiencing: Throbbing headaches Migraines starting behind your eyes Increased neck & shoulder pain Severe PMS and menstrual pain Digestion upset – gas & bloating Then you may have liver qi stagnation. The liver and gall bladder are the organs most energized in the spring. These organs are responsible for the movement of Qi […]

Why We’ve Got Barbeque Season All Wrong Here In Canada

When I think of summer images of beaches, grilling meats and hanging out spring to mind. Unfortunately here in North America summer is probably the worst time of year to eat barbeque steak and hamburgers. Why? It’s already hot, especially this year in BC where we had an epic summer and quite possibly the worst […]

Loneliness Increases Our Odds of Dying by 45%

I have long recognized the importance of community, connection and fun.  I have only to look at my aging family members for confirmation. Part of the “snowbird pack,” they each fly someplace warm to escape their icy cold Ontario winters.  But escaping to these southern destinations is only secondary to the real reason they winter […]

Staying In Balance This Holiday Season

Staying in balance this holiday season can be a problem for the healthiest people. Workouts get skipped to attend after work parties. Pounds are gained due to chocolates and party platters left in the staffroom. Alcohol consumption increases with every invite that pours in.  Digestion, sleep and physical wellbeing can all take a turn for […]