Free Dermaroller with Facial Acupuncture

Hypothyroidism Is What Happens When We Don’t Speak Our Truth

  “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Albert Einstein Imagine swallowing all your anger, resentment or fear.  These feelings are forms of energy. And the thing about energy as Einstein so brilliantly wrote – “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed […]

It’s Cold and Flu Season!!!!!!

Did you know 18 days before the start of a new season is typically when people will start to get sick according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. As of today, September 4th,  we are 14 days away from the beginning of fall cold and flu season. Fall is a hard time on the body, specifically the […]

Allergy Relief With Chinese Medicine

This is the time of year when Vancouver is at her finest! Cherrie trees, crab apple trees, newly cut grass and alder blooming create the perfect storm for allergy sufferers. For them, It’s the start of itchy eyes, sinus congestion, difficulty breathing, headaches and feeling run down. Waking up with red crusty eyes is no […]

7 Steps To Help Seasonal Affective Disorder

7 Steps to Help Seasonal Affective Disorder Fall is the time of years when people’s energy takes a hit. After having had the sun’s natural source energy, many people report feeling more tired, down and lethargic.  Seasonal Affective Disorder is a big problem here in Vancouver where it’s uncommon to have long stretches of rain […]

Healing from Trauma

Why are Love and Compassion Are Critical to Healing Trauma As humans we not only track another person’s movements but also their emotional state and intentions. When we are in sync with each other we mirror each other:  our voices, our stance, our facial expressions and mood.  For example  if someone is happy, positive and […]

What Do Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) and Acupuncture Have in Common

Shinrin-Yoku is a Japanese term for forest bathing. The practice of taking in the forest atmosphere.  It was introduced by the Japanese in the 1980’s to address tech-boom burnout. A form of ecotherapy, it connects people with nature. Walking in nature for at least 45 minutes calms us down – right down. Wood is the […]

Most Effective Treatments for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Out of the areas of the body I treat – neck and shoulder pain is the most common complaint. The base of the skull where the occiput meets the trapezius muscle,  the top of the shoulder or in between the shoulder blades these three areas are generally the tightest and cause the most pain. In […]

Time For A Reset

Time for a Reset If it feels like you’re going through a transition right now you are. With all the yang energy of summer we run on a natural high, but as light and heat of summer gives way to fall’s cooler temperatures and diminishing daylight your body goes through a period of adjustment. You […]

Coping with Emotional Wounds

When it comes to dealing with stress three seems to be the magic number.  If two bad things happen in a row people can handle it but if that number suddenly becomes three, then the body shuts down; we become emotional and have difficulty regulating ourselves. In children I describe this as being “over the […]

Healing Trauma in the Body

I did not set out to treat trauma when I started practising Chinese Medicine. The majority of my early cases involved using acupuncture to relieve neck and shoulder pain. But every now and again young female patients would arrive at the clinic complaining of multiple issues like stomach pain, irregular painful periods and insomnia. While […]