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From Victim to Free Agent – How to Break Free From Our Trauma

Everything Is Comprised of Energy Everything is comprised of energy. We measure our body’s energy in beats per minute, our food in calories and our emotional energy comes from our mood – happy, sad, anxious, depressed or indifferent.   Our Thoughts Drive our Emotions There are many things that can affect our energy, but the […]

Is Your Anger Killing You?

  Did you know more than 550 people were shot in road rage incidents in the U.S. in 2022. That’s 550 people who were so angry that the only way they could deal with a situation was to shoot the person who triggered their rage. How much rage were they already holding to trigger that […]

When Healing Touch Meets Acupuncture The Results Are Incredible

    This week marks a big week in my career as a healer. For the first time as a licensed practitioner, I am bringing my two worlds together. Dr. Julie Nelson Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Julie Nelson Healing Touch Practitioner. And while I post a lot about Qi, healing and energy, I […]

Healing From Trauma

I take healing very seriously. It’s something I do for a living – I’m a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Healing Touch/ Reiki practitioner.  I have invested a lot of time, energy and money in healing because consciously and unconsciously I was also healing myself. I learned early on that kids who suffer […]

How Trauma Causes Gut Issues

This week I had three female patients come for treatment – all from very different backgrounds, ages and occupations. Yet what unified these women was their collective history of childhood abuse and how it manifested in their bodies. If, at a young age if we suffer from neglect, abuse – physical or emotional then we […]

Why Feeling Safe Is So Important to Your Health

  Why Feeling Safe Is So Important to Your Health Imagine living in a state of constant anxiety. The crippling kind that wraps around you so tight you are unable to sleep at night.  Your digestion is shot, and you find it difficult to concentrate and remember things. Now imagine you felt like this most […]

Healing from Trauma

Why are Love and Compassion Are Critical to Healing Trauma As humans we not only track another person’s movements but also their emotional state and intentions. When we are in sync with each other we mirror each other:  our voices, our stance, our facial expressions and mood.  For example  if someone is happy, positive and […]

How Does Acupuncture Help Heal Trauma?

I never intended to treat trauma when I started practising acupuncture. In fact, this was not one of the over 300 illness we studied at TCM school. And yet here I am now into my 7th year, and it’s become one of my practice specialities. The Longer the Trauma Lasts, The Greater the Impact on […]