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Before and After Micro Needling 

This is the time of year when we peer closing into our bathroom mirror and notice all our imperfections. Maybe you see large pores or some acne scaring, maybe its the tiny little wrinkles framing your eyes or may its just simply a very pale complexion staring back at you.

The next challenge is what to do about it….. there are soo many skin options out there. Botox around the eyes? Laser? PRP?

But what if you just want a safe natural option – something that doesn’t require a lot of money and expensive maintenance? Let’s face it – skin care can cost  $1,000’s of dollars a month.

Micro needling is a safe relatively inexpensive option as you only do it once a month. Why do we love it? Because for $260 a month it covers alot of ground – or in this case face.

1. It stimulates blood flow and collagen – that means those fine lines and wrinkles around your eye get filled in. It also fades age spots and reduces large pores. Got Acne scaring it will stimulate blood flow and collagen to heal those areas.

2. Thinning eye brows – its generates hair grown! You can also use it on your scalp to stimulate hair growth!

It packs a punch! And at once a month it’s a pretty low commitment in terms of money and time.