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The Most Yin Fall Winter & Spring EVER!!!!

What happens when you take the rainiest fall on record, combine it with record snowfall and add a very rainy spring?  You have too much yin and not enough yang.  How do you know?  If you’re experiencing the following:

  • Tired
  • Depressed, feeling dark and negative
  • Foggy Mind
  • Prefer to stay indoors
  • Quiet
  • Cold body, limbs and feet

These are all yin type symptoms – remember Yin is the opposite of Yang – see below of a quick comparison.

Yin Energy                        versus                            Yang Energy

Water                                                                          Fire

Darkness                                                                    Light

Cold                                                                             Hot

Moon                                                                           Sun

Quiet                                                                           Loud

This is why we get soo excited when the sun shines or we lie in the sun. We’re getting all that amazing yang energy – we feel “up”, warm, lighter, sunnier. Yang energy is good for us. We need it. It keeps us warm and gives us energy to do things.

So how do we combat three seasons in a row of extreme yin – cold, rainy and dark weather?

  • Exercise – generates yang energy in your body:
    • walk, bike, run, yoga, dance, Qi Gong, Tai Chi
  • Turn up the heat in your body by eating “hot foods”
    • red meats like beef and lamb, chai lattes with: cardamon, black pepper, cinnamon, clove and sugar, all hot spices, chocolate and wine
  • Stay in the light – get up with the sun and go to bed with the sun. This is especially important in the summertime. Staying up late in the fall and winter causes you to feel “wired but tired.”
  • Balance your body’s energy through acupuncture – I use needles to tonify yang energy – think of these needles as little energetic lightening rods. They attract the energy your body needs and get rid of the energy it doesn’t. Needling the top of your head Du 20 can raise your yang energy and is especially important if you suffer from depression.
  • Chinese Herbs to restore your yang energy
    • If you’re body is really out of wack, Chinese Herbs can help restore your yang energy.

If you’re curious and want to know more about how acupuncture can help lift your mood and get you through this epic rainy season, please come see me at Qi.




acupuncture treats insomnia, sleep issues, and fatigue

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Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Perhaps like many people, you wake up at 4 a.m. and can’t get back to sleep. These are just some of the types of insomnia Chinese Medicine has treated effectively. We invite you to tell us about your sleep issues and together we find ways to help you achieve a restful night’s sleep.

Stomach Pain and Digestive Issues

acupuncture provides relief from stomach pain IBS menustral cramps

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Stomach pain and digestive issues can be debilitating, There are many factors that can cause this—anger, diet, lifestyle or exhaustion. We spend a great deal of time with you to help discover the cause of this discomfort and will help create a lifestyle plan to relieve your issue. We have a number of healing modalities we can use to provide you with relief.


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Grief and sadness literally dissolve energy, leaving you tired and unable to cope. While sadness—like other emotions—must be felt and processed, a nurturing healing session can help restore some of your lost energy. It is not uncommon to have patients burst into tears during our healing sessions—often people are unaware they are holding onto emotional pain. Our goal is to provide you with a safe place to release these emotions.


acupuncture helps treat depression and anxiety

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Many things can bring on depression. Because acupuncture is a natural form of healing that works with your own energy, it can be used concurrently with medications you’re currently taking.

Pain Relief

acupuncture provides pain relief for chronic pain, injuries and emotional pain

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Pain has many faces—from sudden injury, chronic pain, to emotional pain.

When energy is blocked it causes pain. Acupuncture releases this toxic energy from your body—it restores your body’s nature flow of energy. The first step in every treatment is to find out where the person’s energy is blocked and, using very fine tipped needles and healing touch, release the aggregated energy or “Qi”.